BIOETHANOL FIREPLACE XARALYN Ethanol Burner S Stainless steel


XARALYN bioethanol appliances are equipped with porous ceramic stone. The bioethanol is completely absorbed by the stone and when lit, the device produces a stable flame that is up to 50% more efficient than other devices on the market. Burning bioethanol is clean, in the sense that it produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as a lit candle and at the same time produces no odor or smoke. Consequently, bioethanol devices can be placed anywhere, with absolute safety and without the need to install a chimney.

All XARALYN devices have a lifetime warranty!

Burner S (4114S)
The S device (4114S) is XARALYN’s smallest bioethanol device with a length of 41 cm. It is made of stainless steel. The package includes the glass protectors, electric lighter and the funnel for filling the device.
It can be inserted into any structure, for domestic or commercial use. It has passed thorough safety checks and is designed to withstand the test of time.

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