TAGU is a company specialized in the production of electric fireplaces. It is a modern company, which aims to manufacture fireplaces that combine high technology with user-friendliness in terms of installation and operation of the device.


TAGU prioritizes user comfort. Its electric fireplaces can be assembled in less than 30 minutes and are easily installed without the need for tools or a specialized workshop, in any space. Moving them is also simple due to the low weight of the device, so that installation in a room or house is not a decision that binds the buyer.


The fireplaces have a heating power of 1500W, with the capacity to heat up to 37 sq.m. The heating option is activated and deactivated by the user’s choice, so that the fireplace is functional in all seasons, while the device is silent even with the heating activated.


The devices have an automatic heating start function, with the possibility of a separate program for each day of the week. Thanks to the built-in thermostat, the device stops automatically when the desired temperature is reached, while there is an automatic shutdown in case of a sudden drop in temperature and detection of open windows to save energy. Correspondingly, there is a sleep timer function for the scheduled shutdown of the device.


All TAGU fireplaces are equipped with the Powerflame device. The flame effect is particularly intense to remain visible in daylight, while the user can adjust the brightness level with the control. The consumption for the flame operation is only 10W, which is equivalent to the consumption of a light bulb. The device can either be lined with TAGU’s multitude of decorative options or purchased stand-alone and installed by the user.

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