Electric Fryer Double 7kW Capacity 2x8lt Mastercook Digital


Professional electric fryer from the Hendi company with a power of 7kW. It can and does maintain the temperature of hot oil for longer than gas fryers and is flexible in its placement in the kitchen area as it operates on electricity. It has 2 different buckets so you can fry different products or use the buckets alternately so that the oil is always at the right temperature. Each bucket holds 8 liters and can fry 2 to 3 kilos of potatoes. It has a special chamber called the cold zone and it helps not to spoil the taste of the oil from overcooked food but also to save oil since it is kept clean for more uses. Finally, it has a faucet that ensures faster and safer cleaning of the bin.

Fryer Dimensions:

Width: 60.5cm
Depth: 51.5cm
Height: 34.5cm

Credit module tbi bank 1.1.0
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