4 in 1 Short Cutlery The ideal multi-cooker is now a reality! Now you can bake everything in the renewed Contosouvliera multi-machine. Bakes shortbreads small Bakes large shortbreads Grilling Cooks on a rotating grill Easy to transport With a detachable rotation mechanism, which can also be used in built-in grills without a charcoal basin. Dimensions [...]

Catering equipment

Robata Grill

At Robata BBQ Specialist we can rotate spits, rotating grills, vegetable roasting baskets and of course install fixed grills. The height is adjustable on both shorts for even better temperature control. In the upper part of the dome we can hang vegetables, meats or sausages to smoke and stay warm during cooking. The main cooking [...]

The BBQ Specialist professional grill is a multi-purpose machine that can have many uses. First we can light wood on the back and use the radiation of the fire to bake the ideal antichrist. Also, the coal falls ready from the back into the basin so that we can grill or grill our shortbread. The [...]


Coal Grills



Inox special construction.

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