Galio Fire Pit Corten Automatic Outdoor Gas Fireplace


The Galio Corten Fire Pit is an automatic outdoor gas fire pit enclosed in a round, clear housing that can withstand the toughest weather conditions. By exposing it outdoors, the steel develops a rusty oxide layer.

The unique fire-shaped burner creates an even and focused flame that brings life to outdoor spaces. It can also be equipped with an optional glass cylinder that covers the flame and provides additional aesthetic value.

The Galio Corten Fire Pit is a free, portable product. This feature allows for easy installation and free positioning of the fireplace (no electrical connection required). Two control solutions, an integrated Easy Start panel and a convenient manual remote control, offer extra comfort and easy handling of the device and the flame. Optionally, you can equip the fireplace with a wifi or smart home system and easily control the fire using a mobile app. Together with the low operating voltage and two fuel options (natural gas or LPG), it is the ideal fireplace for outdoor spaces of any kind.

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