XARALYN Basket Cassette 600


The Basket Cassette 600 is a purely decorative electric fireplace. The reflection of the lamps on the steam created by the water vaporization mechanism gives the image of a real fire. Vaporization is done with the help of ultrasound and the steam that emerges is not hot, making the device safe for small children or pets. It does not generate heat.

The product includes the steaming mechanism and an additional “basket” for its installation, making the product ideal for installation in a traditional wood-burning fireplace. It can be removed easily and quickly. Also, it can be placed in a fireplace construction without the need for a chimney or other building materials. It is ideal for all areas such as hotel rooms, restaurants, offices, etc.

Use: The electric steam fireplace has a removable water tank which must be refilled with water every 6-7 hours of use. We recommend changing the vaporizer every 12 months or so.

Credit module tbi bank 1.1.0
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